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Staze Vacuum Seal Jar

Staze Vacuum Seal Jar

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A lot of hard work and passion goes into the cultivation process when growing quality plants. Staze ensures the work your growers put in, stays in. 

The Staze vacuum seal jar maintains the quality and efficacy of your treatments by eliminating exposure to light and air. With odour-proof technology and a sleek, minimal design – Staze helps you get the most out of your plants. 

Designed for discretion. So nice you'll want to put it on display.


  • Airtight vacuum seal: built-in hand operated vacuum pump locks in freshness by removing all air to extend the life of your plant medicine
  • Activated carbon filter: placed inside the cap to prevent odours from escaping for added discretion and portability
  • UV protection: opaque jar protects your treatments from harmful light exposure
  • Aesthetic design: sleek and minimal, Staze is designed to fit in the palm of your hand with a comfort grip for added functionality
  • Air removal indicator: pumping motion activates a clicking noise once vacuum seal is reached to indicate that your flower is now safely stored and protected

Disclaimer: If using this product for MC, ensure you are always travelling with your treatments in their original pharmacy packaging accompanied by any relevant supporting documents, such as your prescription or approval letter.

How to use

Follow these five steps to keep your plant therapies fresh:

Pull up the cap and twist counter-clockwise

Fill Staze with your plant medicine of choice

Push the cap down and twist clockwise

Pump cap up and down until you hear a click. The vacuum seal is now activated.

Enjoy a quality experience every time with treatments that stay fresher for longer


Dimensions: 12.05 x 5.70cm
Weight: 80g
Safe and durable – FDA approved materials / ROHS certified
No batteries. No switches. No levers.
Lightweight – weighs less than a tube of toothpaste
Smell proof – 100% activated carbon filter
Eliminates exposure to UV light
Preserves aroma and flavour
Locks in freshness
Rubber cap for better grip
Built-in vacuum seal pump
‘Clicking’ sound when all air is removed
Holds up to 7 grams of flower

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